Forsythe and RubberLegz for a twist.

For our second collaboration with the 3e Scène of the Paris Opéra, world acclaimed choreographer William Forsythe and performer RubberLegs design a breathtaking piece. 

It involves RubberLegz's street influence and Riley Watts ballet background. The two mix and intertwine their bodies to create human compositions.

"For years, Rauf"RubberLegz"Yasit and myself angled our respective works on choreographic strategies involving the intertwining of the body in its gaps and "negative spaces". Riley Watts with The Forsythe Company explored intensively that kind of intertwining. Rauf was also doing it in his own work. This film unites these three work axes intertwining two bodies in order to form what I like to call "optical puzzles". In those intertwining, it is clear to the viewer that there are only two people in the composition. However, the complexity of the intertwining of the two bodies creates "optical enigmas" that often questions the appearing logic of the situation. The title ALIGNIGUNG is also a mix of two langages. The English word align sounds like the German word allein, which means "alone". That English word has been inserted in the German name Einigung, which means "accord". Therefore, the intertwined result is a play of words which could mean the alignment in touch with one's self and the other, in a lonely way."

William Forsythe.